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I am sure that many of you already know how to do this but I have gotten a few calls on this and this is a question that I always get asked when I teach so, I've decided to do a step-by-step blog for any of our readers that may not know how to do this. It's really not that hard.

  1. On your page in the upper right hand corner click CREATE and then click EVENT
  2. OR, on the HOME page on the left hand side click EVENT
  3. Your next "to do" will be to select whether you want it to be a PRIVATE or PUBLIC event...if you want to sell your show it's a PUBLIC event if it's for say a private service or family event, make it PRIVATE and then only those who you share with will be able to see it.
  4. Next is selecting a picture. When you click this it will take you to your photo gallery. You choose your head shot or a copy of your postcard. You can grab and drag this photo to center it. Save it before you move on but again, you can always edit or change this photo.
  5. Enter the event NAME
  6. Enter the event LOCATION (If you type in a club name it will automatically appear!)
  7. DESCRIBE your event. I usually pull this from my Press Release and have all the details in this box...day/time (again); cover charge / minimum; band/director; and a brief description of your show or event. Links to the club and/or box office are good ideas too.
  9. You can SCHEDULE a time for this to launch if you are not going to publicize this immediately.
  10. You can put in KEY WORDS like: jazz, comedy, music
  11. If you are co-hosting with a friend or you have a cast, you can include them in CO-HOST and they will also be able to edit, share and manage this page.
  12. Next you can choose if you want to allow anyone seeing the event to leave a comment.
  13. You then save with CREATE (bottom right-hand corner) or you can save as a draft.
  14. Once you CREATE (save) this event you can SHARE (upper right hand corner) with FRIENDS, via MESSENGER and POST it to your page. You can also post to your page first and then sharing from there.
  15. You can always go to EVENTS again, search your date and EDIT at will at any time but, once posted on your page, you can also edit from there.
  16. To SHARE from your page to other friends or groups just press SHARE in the lower right hand corner and choose who and how you want to share. NOTE: You will have to write a new message or blurb each time you share if you want to post something personal. If not, you'll just share the event picture and link.

I hope that this information helps some of you who were too confused or afraid to give this a shot. Facebook Events is a GREAT way to promote your shows. I would recommend re-sharing once every other week two months away from your show date and then once a week 3 weeks before your show opens. Being a tenacious self-promoter is a great thing but you never want to cross over that line of too much or obnoxious! You may also want to stagger your posts to different groups once a week so that you are not posting on the dame day to all the groups where many of us are members.




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