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I have been writing these helpful performance blogs for over 15 years. Please take a few minutes to read a few and let me know what you think or if you have any questions.



On dressing for stage...If you are not comfortable in your shoes or performance outfit, it can be very distracting to the audience to watch you pull at your clothes or shift from foot-to-foot. Try to pick clothes that make you feel like a million bucks so that when you step on stage, you can focus on your singing. Also, "test drive" your false eyelashes and get used to them.

NOTE: Look at yourself in a mirror in a sitting position as well if you plan to use the stool. Yikes, I saw this on video of me once and will never sit again on stage. Ladies, definitely look at yourself in relation to your skirt length and hopping up on the piano and/or sitting on the stool. Think of the 1st row! ‘Nuff said on this!

  • On typos and presenting like a professional ... yes, I'm talkin' to yo ... er ... ME says the Typo-Queen! No one can really proof themselves so it’s always a good idea to have someone look over or edit your show materials or Press Releases. A misplaced comma or misspelled word on a document in your press kit or on your website will give someone who does not know you a certain impression of you.
  • This bit of advice from the incomparable Marilyn Maye is to NEVER sit on stage (see my comment above) or have a water bottle on the piano. Nothing wet on any piano ever!

Some other protocol issues ...

  • When rehearsing with your Musical Director, show up on time and do a quiet tap on the door if it's your time to start (do not tap earlier) and wait for them to let you in. Be aware that the clock outside of the room or your watch may be different from the clock inside the room. They go by the clock inside the room. An hour is an hour.
  • As for the singer leaving, end two-five minutes before your time is over to pack up your music and to vacate the room before the next session. Have your payment ready and pay on your arrival so there is less "to do" as you leave and do not chat up your Musical Director or try to book your next appointment on someone else's time.
  • On this same issue, I would say to the Musical Director that is your job to manage this flow. If one of your clients does this often, pull them aside and tell them what the proper protocol is please. Time is money. Why should I lose valuable rehearsal because someone is writing a check?




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