I have to say that while singing and producing are my passions, teaching fills my soul. I literally fall in love with every person in every class I teach.


ANNOUNCING a brand new Matsuki venture! Call me Professor Matsuki! After years of being asked when I was going to teach a course based on all my columns and advice, I have decided to teach!  It is my new passion and I’m pretty good at it (if I do say so myself). Don’t believe me? Take a look at a few of my Letters of Recommendation on my Performer Page. All of these classes below and more are also now being taught through www.CabaretHotspot.com.

What I offer is a safe, fun and educational experience in learning all aspects of the Art of Cabaret, Patter, How to Write a Show, The Business of Cabaret/Theater and how to present and how to audition like a professional. Have you ever had a secret dream to sing? Let me help you achieve that dream. Please read the brief descriptions of the classes I offer below and call me to discuss or to get a full description of each class along with a list of all of the written materials that will be provided. Please go to my Store page to see how to purchase my book (with David Sabella), So You Wnat to Sing Cabaret?



Whether you’ve been singing for years or have never sung before, if you've always wanted to sing on stage, let me teach you how and have fun learning! You do not have to read music. If you do not have music, we will have music for you. You will learn the history of Cabaret, mic technique, how to connect to a lyric (singing from a true circumstance), how to talk to a musician, how to count off a song and how to write a few lines to introduce your song (we call this “patter”.) This can be a 4, 6, 8 or 10 week 2½ hour course or an on-going course and may be taught on different levels. Read the comments from my class here.  A class show ends the semester.



Taking you to the next level of Cabaret performance involves learning how to set up your songs and write patter. In this class you are also taught how to write a joke that’s about you and then we create your opening “Welcome” monologue for your show. Next comes some exercises that help you learn how to take 14 tunes and put them in an order that makes sense for a show using your newly found skills at patter and joke writing!  This is a 4 week 2½ hour course. A class “stand up” show ends the semester.



This class follows up with the class above. It teaches the different kinds of shows that you could write for yourself like a theme show, a tribute show or a composer show. We then work on finding the music for this show, we learn how to research a show, how to put it all together and then how to write a full script, tech sheet and song list in preparation for your doing a full show.  A class show ends the semester and, depending on who in the class is ready, I will book their show into a NY or CT venue. This is a 4 week 2½ hour course.



This class teaches the business of how to present like a professional, how to do your own Public Relations, how to write a Press Release or One-Sheeter, how to identify your specific real life/singing passion, the art of Time Management in relation to singing, how to create a master To Do List, the benefits of fliers, postcards and E-Fliers and how to use the internet to promote yourself, what a postcard can say about you, creating an image, creating a logo and “hook” and, for those more interested in auditioning for Broadway, how to create your audition book and how to enter the room like a professional.  I provide handouts and reading materials in each class and there is also a recommended reading list.This is a 4 week 2½ hour course.




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