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I am thrilled to kick off my new Sue’s Views column RIGHT here on my own website! I have previously written columns for Nightline Exchange and on the late Stu Hamstra’s Cabaret Hotline Online and am currently also published on Cabaret Hotspot so many of these earlier postings will be re-posts of some of the more successful columns. 

As a Reviewer, Writer, Producer, Multi-Award-Winning Singer and now an Author who sees a lot of shows every week and who has been performing, teaching and producing for over 35 years, I feel that I have specific insights and that I have earned the right to offer opinions on all things Cabaret. My intent is to offer advice to the novice singer just starting out while also using amazing shows that I have seen to speak about how to succeed in this crazy genre called Cabaret and Night Club Singing. Please also take a look at our CabU Classes on this website for all the classes and tutorials that we are offering.

How this column will work…when faced with things that I think are not working for the performer in a  show I have seen, I may discuss them in the column but in a general manner with no names used or specific shows mentioned…only the issue that I wish to discuss. This allows me to be constructively "critical" on an issue but not on the person and, hopefully, help others to avoid that issue if they see themselves in what I have written.

Questions to me are always welcome on any topic relating to performing, PR, shows, clubs, open mics, how to pick a team...whatever! Your questions could help generate ideas for future columns.

I’m really looking forward to doing this. I hope you all will enjoy reading my column and that it will be helpful to you in your singing pursuits.

Sue Matsuki
Dream it, Believe it, DO IT!

All materials are for the sole use by Sue Matsuki, Sue Matsuki Productions or Cabaret Hot Spots’s Sue’s Views and Cab U.



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