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What Three of Sue's Mentors have said

What Three of Sue's Mentors have said

What three of Sue's mentors have said:

“Sue Simply Cares!  With her great singing ability, Sue presents pertinent material, entertainment and fun to her audiences.  It’s her caring way to honor her music and to honor those who care to spend an evening with her.”Marilyn Maye, Singing Legend 

“Sue Matsuki is one of my favorite singers because she has a great voice, she’s funny, she chooses great material, she enunciates all her words and she is always focused on giving her audience the very best time. It’s her job and she takes it very seriously!”Julie Wilson, Grand Dame of Cabaret

“Matsuki is quite definitely a cross-over Cabaret/Jazz performer with an interesting polyglot style and presence all her own. Sue has chops to compare with the "pure jazz" ladies and yet she reaches her audience with her warmth and understanding, both musically and lyrically, of the songs she chooses. If you have not already picked up on this popular singer, watch for news of upcoming gigs. You, too, can become a fan!” - Jan Wallman, Nightlife Exchange

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