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Sue & Edd’s FABULOUS Christmas Show

Sue & Edd’s FABULOUS Christmas Show


“…like old friends hanging around the tree, singing favorites at a party…the(se) genial singers would be welcome presences at a party or show celebrating the season! This Christmas variety pack offers different genres of Christmas song to pull you into the holiday spirit.”
“Though they harmonize espousing holiday happiness, when Sue sings John Meyer’s heartbreaking plea for a soon-to-be ex-lover to stay until “After the Holidays” with Edd crooning “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”, sounding far away…it sets up an image of a held-tight memory or wish for what won’t be.”

About Edd:
“He brings real feeling and drama to the story song “The Last Noel”. On the comedy side, we can be grateful for his performance as the ungrateful recipient in a song from The Mad Show by Mary Rodgers and Marshall Barer, “The Gift of Maggie.” It is snide, sneaky and snarky great fun!”

About Sue:
“She’s perfection and devilishly funny as a little girl on the nifty novelty number describing “The Pretty Little Dolly”. Sue brings genuine longing and adult perspective to “All Those Christmas Clichés”

Rob Lester, Talkin’ Broadway


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