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Critical Acclaim for A NEW TAKE

Critical Acclaim for A NEW TAKE

"Another treat for jazz lovers is Sue Matsuki’s album, A New Take. Matsuki, who won the 2002 MAC Award for Best Female Jazz Artist, has crafted an album with musical director Gregory Toroian that gives a new spin to old jazz standards and a jazzy spin to some contemporary songs. Thus, jazz chestnuts like "The Shadow Of Your Smile" and "Bluesette" are given a fresh coat of paint and songs not usually associated with jazz, such as Carly Simon’s "Anticipation" and Janis Ian’s "Love Is Blind," are given new shadings. Matsuki has a fresh, unaffected voice that envelops the songs like a glove, giving equal attention to melody and lyric (a rarity in the jazz world)."
Jonathan Frank, Talkin’ Broadway

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