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Critical Acclaim for A NEW TAKE

Critical Acclaim for A NEW TAKE

"This is my initial response, straight from the heart: I just finished working on a film involving the supernatural. And an element of it had to do with the conjuring of spirits of those who went before (living and dead) in order to create something new and alive. And I thought about that as I was listening to the CD tonight.
“I felt George Shearing and Eddie Jefferson draw close. Out of the corner of my eye in the darkened corner there was Cleo Laine with John Coltrane, but when I looked over they were gone in a purple mist that seemed to hold reflections of Nichele Nichols, Mundell Lowe, Stan Getz and Diane Schuur. With the scent of Julie London in the air around me.
But none of that is exactly right.
The instrumentation and arrangements were superb, your performance marvelous, the concept incredibly well executed. But those are all individual elements…and what I heard was a single entity, a living thing that swept around me and took me away into a nicer place that I have been in a long time."

Richard Steinberg, NY Time Best Selling Author

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