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Critical Acclaim for A NEW TAKE

Critical Acclaim for A NEW TAKE
“If you know Susan Matsuki, you'll recognize your friend from the exuberant cover art right through the last thrilling "take" on this impeccably arranged, engineered and performed disc. If you don't know Susan Matsuki, after you've taken this jazz-driven journey you'll feel like you've had a long, rich conversation and will be looking forward to the next one.
The concept for "A New Take" is simple: fresh, often daring, always inventive new interpretations of standards, rarities, and a number of surprising – and successful! – contemporary songs that have been so artfully re-imagined by Susan and her extraordinary arranger/pianist Gregory Toroian that they feel completely new.
The recording captures performances of such immediacy and intimacy that you expect to hear ice cubes clinking and chairs shifting. I almost applauded sitting in my comfy chair in the dark under the headphones. Susan sings with a calm confidence that allows her to swing from pathos to playtime with equal assurance and focus.
A favorite track? That's hard. But what Susan does with Carly Simon's "Anticipation" will make you forget about catsup commercials forever.
There is real artistry here. If you are a jazz fan and appreciate an artist who takes genuine risks with stunning success, you will enjoy this CD. And yes, Susan is a friend of mine... but oddly enough listening to "A New Take" was the first time I have heard her sing. I know her much better now.”

Jeff Matson, Reviewer at Large
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