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“Sue Matsuki’s emergence as a cabaret star!
It’s been awhile since we last saw Sue Matsuki perform – not since she was just making her breakthrough to a new level of popularity as well as establishing her foundation of solid professional showmanship. If anything, her popularity has increased during the intervening years – and for good reason: Matsuki is a more polished and assured performer now and her ability to interpret a lyric is more readily apparent.
The show we just saw drew upon the women who have influenced Matsuki. There were some songs associated with the likes of everyone from Doris Day to Ella Fitzgerald. If those influences continue to hold sway in her new show, she should be a force to reckon with. Consider what she did with a song Reba McIntire sings called, “The Greatest Man;” in Matsuki’s hands it becomes a moving tribute to her step-father. In the same way, the Janis Ian song, “Love is Blind: held a personal poignancy for Matsuki that she delivered with a newfound intimacy and delicacy.
It’s her personality and intelligence on stage that really sell her songs. She’s got want most performers would die for, a likeable presence.”

Barbara & Scott Siegel, Talkin’ Broadway

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