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A Tribute To The Gals Who Make Me Want To Sing

A Tribute To The Gals Who Make Me Want To Sing

“Sue Matsuki’s new show "A Tribute To The Gals Who Make Me Want To Sing" (Ella, Sarah, Carmen, Peggy, Rosemary, Irene & Dakota) with Gary Pace on piano and John Leohrke on bass, with Frank Fontana serving as director, is another in a series of simple but delightful presentations by this MAC Award-winning artist. In this show Sue explains how female vocalist of the past have influence the way she sings and the way she approaches a song. But she makes no attempt to imitate their styles as she performs their songs. Instead, she makes them her own, setting each one with a personal observation, and adapting the song to her marvelous vocals. Lesson to be learned from Sue? Try to make the audience feel that the song was written with you in mind. I see too many shows where performers give the impression that they are merely singing someone else’s songs. Want to learn about what cabaret is, while at the same time being thoroughly entertained? See this show.” Stu Hamstra, CabaretHotlineOn Line

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