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A Tribute To The Gals Who Make Me Want To Sing

A Tribute To The Gals Who Make Me Want To Sing

“To me, Sue Matsuki is an unaffected jazz stylist. She has a relaxed, engaging alto that one could listen to for hours. In person she is very persuasive with a sweet sound that recalls ‘50s band singer Chris Connor or, more recently, Carol Sloane. With brilliant Gary Pace on piano and John Leohrke on bass, she is in good hands. To her credit, she never tries to emulate the ladies to whom she pays tribute. Rather, she brings her own gentle spin to the vocalists who have defined her musically. There are gems, which she pulls off with a keen sense of respect while bringing her own often-languid style to the music. Highlights like Peggy Lee-Dave Barbour’s "I Don’t Know Enough About You" and the Johnny Burke-Jimmy Van Heusen "But Beautiful" are conquered with a wistful nostalgia that recalls an era we’ll never see again. The rarely heard 1956 "The Late, Late Show" (Roy Alfred-Murray Berlin), a signature tune of Dakota Staton, shows a whimsical side that is always beneath the surface. Ultimately, Sue Matsuki’s sincerity shines and she sings with a commitment to her art that should have her playing the big jazz clubs in town. Pace is perfection on Gregory Toroian’s arrangements.” John Hoglund, Backstage

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