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"As you know Sue is one of my all time favorite singers and she has reclaimed many forgotten songs for me -- Sue appeared with the beginning riff of "Perdido" and proceeded to wipe out a sold out club with an truly extraordinary tribute to Ella Fitzgerald. It was a show of many highlights --- her "Lullaby of Birdland" (which I first saw Ella do at a Jazz at the Philharmonic concert in San Jose when I was at Stanford) was on the nose; she did a funny special lyric to "I Won't Dance" called "I Won't Scat" during which the band teasted her and taunted her into scatting (you have to hear it to believe it, it is one the most incredible special lyric standards I've heard in ages). Then she proceeded to show the range of Ella in several selections, the best of Ella ranging from the Berlin "Mack The Knife" with the special ad lib lyrics; an incredibly heartbreaking "Can't We Be Friends" (restoring another Mildred Baily original); a simple "Here's That Rainy Day" after narrating a particularly dark incident in Ella's life in 1956; some real humorous forgotten pieces from Ella's repertoire "Too Young For the Blues", "You're an Old Smoothie", and two of the Louis Armstrong duets. Don't miss this show when she does it again in the future! It's my nominee for all the cabaret awards for female singer.”
Joe Regan, Cabaret Scenes

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