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I have learned that:

I could not have gotten through this without Zoom and Facebook. What great tools to perform, create and see people in real time to feel less lonely.

I do not have to sing. Singing is a privilege and I love to sing, and while I’ve been singing and posting clips of myself, it’s not as much of a priority as I thought in my life right now. It has, however, been a saving grace.

The downtime, in some respects, was a blessing. I’m the “Queen of Organization” but I also procrastinate. I feared with the “there’s always tomorrow” phenomenon that I would use that as an excuse to put things off. It didn’t play out that way. In one of my previous blogs, I mentioned creating a large TO DO LIST and prioritizing all the items by category and it worked! It focused me on specific tasks. I would take 5 items daily and get them done and scratch them off the list…this is very satisfying! *Please read my blog called “Stir Crazy Much?”


Taking on-line classes was an awesome experience. Not only did it help to socially connect me with friends who I was no longer seeing in person, I was able to get some real work done, sometimes on a deeper level. Once you learn how to use Zoom, there's this strange intimacy that happens in your performance that I just can't explain...it just happens. I feel that it can only enhance my performance on stage when we are able to go back to live performances.

I took Lina Koutrakos' Advanced Performance Class and Virtual Voices Class @ www.LinaSings.com, I registered for classes at Alexis Cole's @ www.JazzVoice.com and of course, there are the incredible on-going classes offered by: www.Singnasium.org. *Please read David Sabella’s blog called “Delivering a Voice Lesson On-Line” - https://www.cabarethotspot.com/delivering-a-voice-lesson-on-line-by-sabella-voice/

Using these new formats of singing: Zoom, Yeti, Internet Midi, playing my arrangements over a blue tooth amp and singing live in the room or sharing sound through Zoom and signing that way was a huge opportunity to learn.  *To learn more about equipment use and how to preform within this new paradigm of signing, please read all of David Sabella’s blogs in his “Quarter Notes from the Apocalypse” Series - https://www.cabarethotspot.com/quarter-notes-from-the-apocalypse-part-2-necessity-the-mother-of-invention/

There is also a great demonstration in David's vlog with Gregory Toroian on how you can sing in real time through Internet Midi - https://www.cabarethotspot.com/big-news-real-time-collaboration-is-possible/

If you are going to perform live or tape something that appears live for an Open Mic, come to the screen rehearsed and prepared.  *Please read my blog called “What Am I Watching?” - https://www.cabarethotspot.com/what-the-heck-am-i-watching/

Even though I realize that attending Open Mics are a safe place to meet up and practice and that no Open Mic (even in real life) is perfect, you want to try to put your best foot forward (or voice in this case). Being pre-rehearsed and/or ready to boogie when called on will represent you so much better than fiddling with buttons or singing to a track you cannot even hear. Let me help you with this, please read my other blog, "Virtual Open Mic Protocol" for step-by-step instructions in how to pre-set and test your music before you enter the Zoom meeting.

On a personal level…I have learned that:

I could not have gotten through this without my husband, especially with a broken arm, so my heart goes out to all who had to go through this without another person in their space. To those people, reach out if you need contact and let people know you need them. Set up a Zoom call.

When using my left hand, I have to access a different part of my brain but it can be done with some focus. However hitting "shift" for a capital letter with one hand is really hard! The lesson here: you CAN do anything that you set your mind to do...you may have to figure out a different way, but you can do it! Kind of like how we are all figuring out to to continue to sing and work!

Getting out of the house and away from the computer at least once a week for a long walk in a park is my “mental health day” event. It’s necessary.

I cannot do more than 2 hours at a time on Zoom.

Exercising is mandatory. Having lost a lot of weight, I gained back the Covid 10 (although I’ve already lost 5 of those 10 lbs.) because I cannot swim, my exercise of choice. I am not eating more. I have less of an appetite in the summer but just sitting at the computer all day, at my age and metabolism, does not help. *Please read my article called “Stress Eating” - https://www.cabarethotspot.com/a-survivors-guide-to-the-pandemic-3-stress-eating/

Air is essential. Breathing is essential. Breathing is life. As David Sabella always says, “Singing reminds us all to breathe!” So, keep singing my friends…keep singing.


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*My book with David Sabella, “So You Want to Sing Cabaret” and the 90-minute book release video we produced was a labor of love. To order the book please go to: https://www.cabarethotspot.com/so-you-want-to-sing-cabaret/ And, to watch the video for FREE, please go to: Cabaret Hotspot YouTube link: https://youtu.be/miNwdo-oJyMbelow





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