Second only to singing, I enjoy bringing amazingly gifted people together for group shows, special events, benefits and private parties.

Listed below are brief descriptions of some of the shows that I could bring to your town, venue, theater group or community group. Please contact me if you have any questions or to book a show.  NOTE: All of the shows listed below may be booked with piano/vocals only; with a trio or with a full band depending on your budget. The shows with a full cast may also be as large or as small as your venue requires or can afford. All shows can be a 60 minute, 90 minute or a 2-act show of two sets of 50 minutes each with an intermission. 2 different 1-hour shows may also be booked for a 2-set evening. All shows are appropriate for all age groups; universities (with a teaching element included), theaters, senior centers, jazz venues, private parties, Cabarets, theme show venues and cruise ships. Set singing gigs with the band or just piano can be 3-5 sets a night. For a full Tech Rider please click here.


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Sue is a multi-MAC Award winner and Edd is a Bistro Award winner; together Sue Matsuki and Edd Clark are ringing in the holiday season! This show has been an annual event in New York for 7 years and has received 3 MAC nominations. Music Director Paul Stephan has created arrangements that make Sue and Edd’s FABULOUS Christmas a celebration of the wonderful music of the holiday season. This is also a great show to book for a corporate holiday event. Please also visit: the Fabulous Christmas Show site:

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