Second only to singing, I enjoy bringing amazingly gifted people together for group shows, special events, benefits and private parties.

Listed below are brief descriptions of some of the shows that I could bring to your town, venue, theater group or community group. Please contact me if you have any questions or to book a show.  NOTE: All of the shows listed below may be booked with piano/vocals only; with a trio or with a full band depending on your budget. The shows with a full cast may also be as large or as small as your venue requires or can afford. All shows can be a 60 minute, 90 minute or a 2-act show of two sets of 50 minutes each with an intermission. 2 different 1-hour shows may also be booked for a 2-set evening. All shows are appropriate for all age groups; universities (with a teaching element included), theaters, senior centers, jazz venues, private parties, Cabarets, theme show venues and cruise ships. Set singing gigs with the band or just piano can be 3-5 sets a night. For a full Tech Rider please click here.



This show brings a taste of the New York Cabaret scene to your home town. Matsuki Productions will bring an eclectic and diversified group of multi-award winning talent to your venue for an evening of the BEST of what New York City's night life has to offer in Jazz, standards, comedy, American Songbook...we even offer opera! The cast also does cross-over duets. YOU get to pick and customize the talent to your audience or venue’s preference or demographic. Do you want a Rat Pack show or an evening of Irving Berlin or a mixed bag of cast members who sing in all the styles mentioned above? Call us!



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