I have always considered it an honor to entertain.
With every show I do, I learn more about the music, the composers, the person I am paying tribute to and myself!

NOTE: All of the shows listed below may be booked with piano/vocals only; with a trio or with a full band depending on your budget. All shows can be a 60 minute, 90 minute or a 2-act show of two sets of 50 minutes each with an intermission. 2 different 1-hour shows may also be booked for a 2-set evening. All shows are appropriate for all age groups; universities (with a teaching element included), theaters, senior centers, jazz venues, private parties, Cabarets, theme show venues and cruise ships. Set singing gigs with the band or just piano can be 3-5 sets a night. Sue Matsuki has over 500 songs in her repertoire across all genres of music if you wish to book her just to do sets of songs. For a full Tech Rider please click here.




The JAM N’ (jammin’) part is the jazz and the TOAST part are the stories leading up to the songs which were delivered as funny or poignant toasts…the "here’s to you" type not the bread type since bread is neither funny or poignant. This is a funny, jazzy and emotional show that can play any venue.

2001 Cabaret Hotline On Line Award for Female Jazz Artist

Review: "When was the last time a performer captured your heart with simple sincerity but, it was her vibrant voice and impeccable musicianship that defined the evening."
Reviewer: Bill VanSant, Essex Journal

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