The people I have known and the places I have seen have all
contributed to the singer and the person that I have become.


With Opera Star Victoria Livengood

With Natalie Douglas & Scott Siegel

With Carolyn Montgomery

On Stage at Iridium

Alaska with Helen Baldassare & Bobby Peoko

Richard Skipper as Carol, Cynthia Crane & Dick Barclay

Singing an autograph for the Candy Lady

Lennie Watts & Scott Coulter

Annie Hughes, Rob Langeder & Miles Phillips

Joan Crowe & Marie Pruitt aka Pookie

Winning my first MAC with Baby Jane Dexter & Ms. Callaway

With the handsome Tim Sullivan

With Keith Batza after Carmen

With Ben Vereen at the MAC Awards!

With my gal Karen Mason

With Celeste Holms

With Carol Channing & RIchard Skipper at BB King's

With my beloved mentor Julie Wilson

The cast of the Bob Levy Show

I studied with the amazing Sheila Jordan!

Hangin' with ya know, a few Jazz Legends!

Dancing at the Hartford School of Ballet

My outgoing Miss Waterbury Performance with Louie Irrizarry

Hoot! Hoot! Disco Queen (Me, not Wayne...well maybe a little!)

Somewhere in South America

Straddling the Equator


Hong Kong

Machu Picchu

Miss Diane's Dance Studio

Lookin' at bull balls in a Quito Market

The Amazon Jungle - the kid's haircut by Sasoon evidently!

Amazon River Boat Cruise





Bob Levy's Show



Cabaret Cares

Jest Jazz with best friend Joan Crowe

A New Take CD Cover

A Wall Full of Mirrors

The Question W Revue

Somewhere Along the Way with Marcus Simeone

Grammar School

High School - note the Farrah Flip

Miss Waterbury

Rainbow Girl havin' a BIG hair day!

With Louie Irrizarry, my dance partner on the train.

By Kenro Matsuki

By Kenro Matsuki

By Kenro Matsuki

Don't know who took this but must have been my corporate shot!

By Eric Stephen Jacobs

By Heather Sullivan

By Heather Sullivan

With Gregory Toroian in the Recording Studio

Recording the CD with Gregory Toroian, the late, great Ned Mann and Ron Tierno

Guitar Legend Gene Bertoncini

Producer of A New Take, Chris Hajian

Running Tunes

With Gregory Toroian & Bass Legend and Songwriter Jay Leonhart

With John Leorke at Iridium

Winning the 1st Julie Wilson Award at Town Hall

Met Opera Braganea (Tristan und Isolde)

The Voiceless Voices of God (Moses und Aaron)

The "Mad Max" Boys of Tristan

Court Ladies (La Travatore)

Druid Princess (Norma)

We made the COVER (Moses und Aaron)

BIG dresses (La Travatore)

With my beloved, late Richie Guido and Angel

With my Diva friend Georga Osbourne (Norma)

Leonora Double for (La Travatore)

Richard Skipper Celebrates NY PRIDE

Riding the BLUE WAVE

By Eric Stephen Jacobs

By Eric Stephen Jacobs

A show we never did but if anyone wants to produce it, call me!

Miss Diane's Dance Studio

Ella & Me - Longest Running Show

Jam n' Toast - my 2nd best selling show!

The Gals show!

Sirens of Swing...and other Reasons for Alarm!

By Heather Sullivan

Concert at The Palace Danbury

Steve & Eydie with Edd Clark

Sue & Edd's FABULOUS Christmas

Urban Stages Famous Duets II

My Avatar Logo

My husband's sketch of me

2019 Heart Strong, Heart Song Benefit

2019 One-on-One Benefit

With the incredibly talented, handsome and NICE Norm Lewis (my Broadway crush)! Don't tell Kenro!

2019 Meg Flather's The Sisterhood

With the Chocolate Diva Peggy Eason

2020 This Broad's Way

2019 Urban Stages Winter Rhythms

2019 Jest Jazz

2019 By: Eric Stephen Jacobs

2019 How's That for Openers?

2019 A "Hep" Happy Holiday

By:Eric Stephen Jabobs

Brian Stokes Mitchell

My Music Director and Arranger for the past 25 years, Gregory Toroina

With mentor and beloved friend, Marilyn Maye

Gregory's Baby Boy Vinny!

2020 Pangea Jazz Brunch Open Mic

2020 Susie Mosher's Line Up @ Birdland

2019 By: Eric Stephen Jabobs

2020 Mu current avatar (with gray hair!)

Quotes for my book "So You Want to Sing Cabaret"

Cover of my book "So You Want to Sing Cabaret"

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